A Little Inspiration

As promised, here is the inspiration board that I’m using to help me plan Jace’s Monster Truck party(photo credits listed below).

Monster Truck Inspiration Board

I get most of my ideas straight from the internet through searches on Google and Yahoo.  I’ve found some great websites and blogs like Catch My PartyPirates & Princesses, A Blissful Nest, and The TomKat Studio.  There really is so much inspiration on those, and many other sites, and I spend hours scouring their pages for unique ideas.

I do plan my parties  far enough in advance so I have ample time to make all the wonderfully creative decorations on my own.  However, if you’re not a planner like me, then  you could easily purchase any of the items custom made for you.  In fact, you could purchase them from me, since I am going to be selling custom, handmade party decorations very soon.  It’s a win-win for everyone!

Anyway… back to the party plan for Jace’s 5th birthday.  I’ve already finished making a custom birthday banner, individual dessert, candy, food, and drink station banners, party favor tags, cupcake wrappers, popcorn cones, pennant banner, and numerous other decorations.   I’m hoping to get some pictures of some of the stuff that I’ve finished, and post them for you to see real soon.  There’s still lots of things to make, and somehow the list keeps getting longer no matter how much I get done.  I guess I should probably stop looking at anymore websites/blogs until after the party huh!?  Like I said before, there’s just too many great ideas. 

Some of the other stuff I’ve been planning is a fantastic cake and dessert table, and fun games to keep the kids busy.  Of course, just like with the decorations, I’m finding so many ideas, it’s hard to make a decision.  I think I’ve finally picked the design for the cake though, and it shouldn’t be too hard to pull off as long as I don’t get impatient.  I’m incorporating a few different features from several cakes I found, and I’m even going to try sculpting a monster truck out of rice krispy treats that will be “bursting” out of the top of the cake.  Hopefully, it will look pretty cool when it’s all done.

For the games, I think I’ve narrowed it down to about three: a freestyle obstacle course (the kids will have to spin in circles, crush cans, and jump over some obstacles), monster truck race (kids will take turns seeing whose monster truck will make it down the ramp fastest), and a tire toss (who can get the most bean bags in the tire from three different distances).  All the kids should have a good time playing these games.  I still have to figure out what I want to give out for prizes though.  Any suggestions?

Photo Credits:

  1. Monster Truck Cake by bandcbakes on CakeCentral
  2. Candy Buffet Photo on Flickr
  3. T-Shirt by SweetCouture on Etsy
  4. Custom Door Sign from ThePaperKingdom on Etsy
  5. Ticket Invitations from DesignsByFun on Etsy
  6. Maximum Destruction Monster Truck on PhotoBucket
  7. Monster Truck Clipart from PJG Scrapbook Heaven
  8. Monster Jam Logo from Platform Nation
  9. Yellow and Black Monster Truck Party from At Home with Kim Vallee
  10. Flame Cupcakes image at The Cupcake Blog

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My name is Shea. I'm new to the blogging world, but I'm having fun figuring out the whole process. I’ve been married for the last 15 years, and I’m the lucky mother to three wonderful boys. I enjoy being creative, and like to dabble in a little bit of everything. Whether it's planning a party, creating yummy, beautiful cakes and desserts, or just being crafty, I like to try it all.

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