Hello! My Name is Shea, and I’m a Planner

Honestly, I sometimes think I am addicted to planning.  It’s my drug.  Things don’t always go according to my plan, but even then, I just start a new plan.  Whether it’s our finances, weekly dinner menu, or my To Do list, I’m always planning something.  My favorite thing to plan though is a party.  I start planning months in advance.  For my son Jace’s upcoming 5th birthday in May, I started planning last September.  Yes you read that correctly- a whole 8 months in advance.  Some people think this is crazy, but I love it! It gives me plenty of time to choose a theme, make my decorations, and hunt for the best prices on any supplies I need. 

Originally, when I asked Jace what he wanted to do for his birthday he asked for Chuck E Cheese.  There’s not much to plan when having a party at a place like that, but I didn’t let that stop me.  I mean after all, there was still the guest list, goody bags, and cake to plan out right!?  So I started planning.  And then he changed his mind.

Just after the first of the year, as we were walking through the Dollar Tree store, he spotted the monster truck party supplies.  Now, as anyone who knows Jace is aware, he LOVES monster trucks.  He’s loved them since he was 2 years old.  It was a no brainer that the theme of his party was going to have to be changed, and Chuck E wasn’t going to be fitting in to the new theme.  Time to scrap the old plan, and begin with a new.  There was so much more planning to be done for this kind of party, and I won’t lie – I was excited!

Stay tuned for my next post, where I’ll show you my inspiration board, and tell you about some of the plans.


About Shea

My name is Shea. I'm new to the blogging world, but I'm having fun figuring out the whole process. I’ve been married for the last 15 years, and I’m the lucky mother to three wonderful boys. I enjoy being creative, and like to dabble in a little bit of everything. Whether it's planning a party, creating yummy, beautiful cakes and desserts, or just being crafty, I like to try it all.

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